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A different kind of excitement awaits you in San José, Costa Rica’s bustling capital city

If you are expecting beautiful beaches when visiting San José, you will certainly be disappointed. The city, with its mountains and some active volcanoes has more charm and attractions, is animated and lively and has plenty of interesting places to visit to make your stay in the city truly memorable.

San José, the capital of the province of San José and the capital of Costa Rica as well is located in the lush and fertile Central Valley, quite near the Central Mountain Range or Cordillera Central in Costa Rica. Mainly used by travelers as a stopover point on their way to other places in Central America due to its proximity to the Juan Santamaria International Airport, San José is often overlooked, despite its own attractions.

Costa Rica, a Spanish word meaning Rich Coast, is indeed rich in many things. It is well known for its coffee and its sustained biodiversity. It was named by the New Economics Foundation or NEF as the greenest country in the world in 2009. The foundation ranked the country first in its Happy Planet Index that same year. One of the older democracies in the world, Costa Rica is the only Latin American country in that list. In the Human Development Index, it ranks 69th in the world as of 2011. By year 2021, the Costa Rican government expects Costa Rica to be the world’s first carbon-neutral country.

The still developing country offers tax exemptions for foreign investors and has already lured several top-notch high technology companies to its shores. It is fast becoming a hub for eco-tourism, pharmaceutical manufacturing, software development, financial outsourcing and the manufacture of consumer products. The country produces one of the world’s finest Arabica coffee beans. It is famous worldwide for its gourmet coffee blends. Its tourism industry is robust, with several destinations attracting millions of tourists, like the Irazú Volcano Crater with its emerald green water that at times change to crimson red.

The city itself is at a vantage point, being centrally located with most of the tourist attractions within easy reach from the city. San José has some of the country’s active and inactive volcanoes located in neighboring districts, most of which have been declared as national parks. Poás, Irazú and Turrialba volcanoes are still very active while Barva, though inactive still has its own allure. With the almost perfect spring weather all throughout the year, San José and most of Costa Rica is a haven for those who are after a different kind of adventure.

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Costa Rica is a Spanish-speaking country. English is spoken but mainly in touristy areas like San José. It is therefore necessary that you know the language before you embark on a tour of the country or start doing business, even in the capital city. The services of an interpretation and translation company will be of great help to those who wish to have their documents accurately translated in the local language.

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About the City of San José

Spanish Translation in San José, Costa RicaTwo-thirds of Costa Rica’s population lives in the metropolitan area of San José, the country’s capital. The centrally located capital city is the hub of life in Costa Rica. It is a busy city, bustling with locals going about their daily life. It is likewise the commercial, industrial, financial and cultural center of Costa Rica.

The city is a mix of the rich and the poor, where street vendors sell their wares beside shops selling expensive and foreign brands. You would see street performers serenading pedestrians. Amid modernity, the city still maintains its traditional culture, with charming wood and adobe home, grand theaters and pedestrian streets lined in bricks.

San José’s location at the Central Valley coupled with its high altitude, nestled about 1,170 meters above sea level give the city a moderate climate that is conducive to agriculture. Ever since its establishment in 1737, the city residents had been reliant on the rich and fertile lands to produce cash crops like tobacco, vegetables, fruits and coffee. The city produces some of the best coffee beans in the world, which has become one of its major products for export.

The city, the central hub of Costa Rica was one of the first areas to have a public phone system and the third city to have public electric lighting among the cities in the world. Much of the city’s and the country’s wealth comes from its world-famous coffee, bringing wealth to a rising middle class in San José who proceeded to beautify and improve the city’s environs. With the country situated in the Ring of Fire, it is prone to earthquakes aside from the destructions brought about by the eruptions of its many volcanoes. Earthquakes had destroyed much of the colonial and classic architecture in the city but there are still many remnants of its glorious past. You could trace the city’s history from the museums that abound in the city, as well as in the remaining historical buildings.

These are not the only things you could see in the city. The outskirts of the city show you a different side of San José. Here you would be closer to nature. Costa Rica has 61 dormant and six active volcanoes, four of which are just a few hours away from San José. Most of these have been declared as national parks and have been developed to cater to tourists with several amenities provided for the convenience of travelers. The city is about an arm stretch away from rainforests, where some of the world’s most elusive and rare orchids are found high up on the treetops, you can see most of these at eye level, and blooming at the Lankester Botanical Gardens. The city also has an insect and a butterfly sanctuary and museum. A trip to La Paz Waterfall and Gardens alone could give some of the most delightful and memorable adventures of your life. Not only would you be able to see five glorious waterfalls in one place; you would also see some exotic animals, birds, butterflies, plants, flowers in the rainforest and cloud forest.

The city profile we have on this site would give you additional information about the city and its environs. You would learn a bit about the history of the city, its economy and demographics, the culture of the people as the many attractions the city offers. There are also some interesting facts about the city that are worth knowing.

The city, named after Joseph of Nazareth, has been entirely influenced by Europe because of the heavy Spanish migration shortly after its discovery by Christopher Columbus and the affluent families that were able to receive their education in other European cities. Spanish is the official language in San José and spoken by almost the entire population. English is spoken in the city but only in selected areas. If you are planning to visit or stay in San José for a long time, it is best to seek the services of an expert language translation and interpretation company to have all your documents accurately translated in the local language.