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Tegucigalpa, the city with a tongue twister of a name, the capital and largest city of Honduras and home to a population that speaks a different brand of Spanish

Founded in 1578 by Spanish colonizers, Tegucigalpa became a city in 1880. Its official name is Tegucigalpa, Municipality of the Central District. With its unique long name that is difficult to pronounce, residents of the city and the country often refer to the capital city simply as Tegus. The Constitution of Honduras names the city, together with its twin, Comayagüela, as the permanent capital of the country. The two cities have been combined and called the Central District since 1982.

The city’s name is popularly believed to have originated from the Nahuatl word, Taguz-galpa that translates to silver mountain. Tegucigalpa, after all was once a valuable silver and gold mining town, not only for Honduras but also for the rest of Central America. In fact, some mining areas in the city have been completely restored to their 16th century appearance, and visiting these places, like Valle de Ángeles, would give you a fairly good idea of how life during the heyday of mining evolved.

Just like its capital city, Honduras is populated by people coming from various ancestries like the Girafuna, Lenca, Tolupan, Tawahka, Pech and Miskito Indians mixed with the Spanish. Palestinians, Africans, Caribbeans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos and Vietnamese all have thriving communities in the country.

Honduras, known worldwide for its tropical fruits, coffee, sugar cane and minerals (gold, zinc, lead and silver) is a great lure for tourists and investors. It is a biodiversity hot spot, with its rainforests, cloud forests, savannas, mountain ranges, mangroves, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System and its more than 6,000 plant species, some 630 of which (so far) are orchids. It has one of the most detailed and artistically advanced Mayan art found in the Copán Ruins.

Catrachos, the nickname of people from Honduras, speak the country’s official language, Spanish. It is very useful to know that you need to speak and understand Spanish when you are in Tegucigalpa and other parts of Honduras. English is spoken mainly by those of Afro-Caribbean descent who live in the northern coast of the country, but rarely spoken in the cities. Keep this in mind, as you definitely would need the services of a translation and interpretation company when you get to Honduras.

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About the City of Tegucigalpa

Spanish Translation in Tegucigalpa, HondurasSeasoned travelers might give visiting the City of Tegucigalpa a miss, opting to go to more exotic destinations in Honduras like the Bay Islands, La Ceiba, Copán, Roatan and San Pedro Sula. They may likewise find it difficult to pronounce Tegucigalpa, but they can definitely say Tegus and still get the name right.

Like the rest of Honduras, Tegucigalpa is majorly composed of Mestizos, a mix of European and Indian blood. Most are Catholics but there is an increasing number of Protestants and those practicing other religions. Those living in the Bay Islands are called Blacks while those on the mainland are mainly Garífunas. The Blacks, most of which came from the English-speaking areas in the Caribbean speak English among themselves with a very strong accent, which is English Creole. Others speak an African dialect while the rest speak Spanish, while there is a smattering of Asian and other European languages in between.

Tegucigalpa is situated in a high valley that is about 3,000 feet or 1,000 meters above sea level on the average. Its higher elevation gives the entire city a very pleasant tropical climate. It is located 150 miles or 241 kilometers south of San Pedro Sula and 86 kilometers or 53 miles south of Comayagua. The city, whose name translates to silver mountain, based on popular belief, is rich in biodiversity as well as colonial structures such as museums and churches, vying for space amid rainforests and cloud forests. Tegucigalpa is very proud of its colonial past. It has gone as far as reconstructing several mining districts to restore them to their former 16th century glory.

Together with its sister city, Comayagüela, they comprise the Central District, the permanent capital of Honduras and their combined population accounts for the district’s over a million inhabitants. The district remains the largest city in Honduras although the economic hub has shifted to San Pedro. Still Tegucigalpa remains vital to the political and commercial activities of the country.

If you are interested in visiting this charming city in Honduras, be sure that you are able to speak and understand Spanish or connect with a professional translation and interpretation service provider to have your documents translated accurately in the native language.

Even if the official language is Spanish, you should note that the Spanish spoken by natives in Tegucigalpa and the rest of Honduras slightly differs from standard Spanish. Here are a few simple phrases in Honduran Spanish so you will know the difference.


What’s up?
It’s all cool.
See you
God bless you / goodbye
Name for Honduran native
I don’t have a car. I am walking
I am hungry
See you there
You have bad luck
I’m broke
He or she is flattering you
I can’t (as) I have to work
It is half made (done)
Bread roll
He fell asleep
I am going to the corner store to buy soft drink
He is very rich
He got very angry
What a mess!

Honduran Spanish

Que ondas?
Todo cheque
Nos vermos
Yo ando a pincel
Ando con filo
Ahí los vidrios
Sos torcido
Yo ando hule
A vos te saca la jícara
No puedo, tengo que chambear
Está hecho a medio palo
Se fondeó
Ando a la trucha a comprar un fresco
É les muy pistudo
Se le subió el indio a la cabeza
Que relajo!

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