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Discover San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and most populous city

Historic San Juan, Puerto Rico is the 46th largest city under United States jurisdiction. The city is home to almost 400,000 residents as of 2010, where 98.2% belong to the Hispanic or Latino race. The Port of San Juan is one of the most important seaports in Puerto Rico. San Juan is the center of tourism, culture, finance and manufacturing of the country and attracts heavy investments from U.S. and other international companies. With its robust economy, those who do business in San Juan constantly need the services of fast, accurate and professional English to Spanish and Spanish to English service provider any time, any day.

Puerto Rico is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the Caribbean; a commonwealth of the United States, it is both remarkably rustic and cosmopolitan, and yet this contradiction only fuels Puerto Rico’s allure. Puerto Rico’s rich history is often fancied by adventure and culture seekers, and coupled with its laid-back atmosphere, tourism in Puerto Rico thrives. Its steady economy draws foreign investment, and its proximity to the known shipping course Mona Passage, is a big geographical advantage. Puerto Rico’s main capital is San Juan, which is one of the biggest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean. Your Spanish Translation understands Puerto Rico’s potentials and value globally, that is why we make sure our company’s presence in Puerto Rico is solid by streamlining our Spanish translation, Spanish interpreting services and workforce so we can excel in catering to anyone or any business.

Your Spanish Translation, LLC has offices worldwide, including San Juan, enabling us to provide you with a professional translator or interpreter anytime and in any part of San Juan, and also throughout Puerto Rico.

With the great amount of tourism and international business pursuits and opportunities in Puerto Rico, accurate translation of your documents ensures that you are reaching those individuals directly and professionally in a language they can relate to. A professional document translation, perfectly done, will not only attract residents of the area you want to insinuate yourself into, but also impacts visitors or people wanting to relocate.

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About San Juan, Puerto Rico

Spanish Translation in San Juan, Puerto RicoSan Juan, the capital city of the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is located on the northeastern coast of the county and on the southern side of the Atlantic Ocean. Its full name is Municipio de la Ciudad Capital San Juan Bautista, and was named after Saint John the Baptist, the city’s patron saint. It was founded in 1509 by Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer who became the first governor of Puerto Rico. The Treaty of Paris, that was signed on December 1898 effectively ended the Spanish-American War and ceded Puerto Rico to the United States.

The culture of San Juan is diverse. The city is a Latin American municipality with a distinct Spanish-based culture that is mixed with American Indian, principally the Taíno as well as African traditions. Sanjuaneros love festivals and there is something festive happening almost every month of the year. While its historical heritage is very well preserved, San Juan is also very modern, with bars and clubs catering to tourists and locals alike. Art galleries and museums abound, so too numerous restaurants, modern shopping areas and new skyscrapers happily co-existing with historical and cultural heritage sites.

San Juan is Puerto Rico’s financial hub, where pharmaceutical and bioresearch companies, sugar and petroleum refining companies are located. The city also has facilities for the manufacture of chemicals for household cleaning products, fertilizers, textiles and clothing, food-based products, beverages including rum and other products for domestic consumption and for export. One of the city’s major industries is tourism and it is justified, with the number of historical attractions located within the city. The area of Old San Juan alone, the former walled city, is the location of hundreds of historical buildings, museums and art galleries.

The city, which is 199.2 square kilometers or 76.93 square miles in size for which 37.83% is covered with water, is home to over 395,000 people. The official language in San Juan is Spanish although English is also very widely understood and spoken, which according to the U.S. Census conducted in 2000, is spoken “very well’ by nearly one-third of San Juan’s population. English is taught in high school and service people working in the tourism industry are bilingual. However, it would be of great help if you know basic Spanish to fully appreciate the beauty and culture of San Juan. And if you are contemplating on relocating to the city or about to conduct business in San Juan, it would be wise to partner with a professional translation and interpretation agency to have all your documents translated into Spanish or into English as the case may be.

There are plenty of places to visit and activities to do while in San Juan and our city profile would be of great help to you if you want to know more about this tropical city in the Caribbean. And while you are in the city, allow us to be your partner for your English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation and interpretation requirements.