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Spanish, A Global Language

The Spanish language, also called Castilian, is the world's second most spoken language. As of the latest count, it has 417 million native speakers worldwide and is spoken in 31 countries. It is one of the most widely spoken Romance languages that include Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. Close to 548 million people across the globe speak Spanish as a first or second language. In the United States it ranks second to the English language in terms of number of speakers, with 45 million people speaking Spanish as their first or their second language. The United Nations use Spanish as one of the organization's six official languages. Spanish is also an official language of the Union of South American Nations, the Organization of American States and the European Union. Read More

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Your Spanish Translation’s professional experience and expertise extend to various fields of Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation. We also support translation of more than 100 languages to and from the Spanish language. Our professional services include, but are not the limited to the following:

Spanish Apostille Services

Apostilles were established to legalize documents for their use in other countries. At Your Spanish Translations we offer to translate both your documents and their corresponding Apostilles for their use in any foreign country you are heading to. Leave it in our hands!

Spanish Email Translation

A great deal of communication takes place via email nowadays. And a high percentage of communication is international in nature. If you need an email translated into or from Spanish, our professional Spanish translators can help you establish effective communication.

Spanish Book Translation

Authors and publishing houses understand that books, with their universal quality, need to be translated so as to reach humanity as a whole. Such a long and complex endeavour should be left in the hands of experienced and professional Spanish translators such as ours.

Spanish Patent Translation

Thousands of patents are translated every year. If you need a patent or an application translated into Spanish, at Your Spanish Translations we offer specialised language professionals who deliver accurate translations into Spanish in very little time. Contact us now.

Spanish Translation of Signage

Although many signs are international and can be widely understood, other more local ones need to be translated and localised. At Your Spanish Translations we offer Spanish signage translation so that any sign can appropriately reach a Spanish speaking audience.

Spanish Transcript Translation

Issuance of academic diplomas, certificates, records or transcripts in Spanish or any language other than English need to be translated and certified to meet the requirements of any college or univerities you are applying for abroad. Contact us for details.

Spanish Website Translation

The Internet is an unlimited source of information, clients and contacts. Do you wish to have your website translated into Spanish to reach a larger audience? At Your Spanish Translations our professional Spanish translators can make that happen! Contact us now.

Spanish Translation of Manuals

If you need to have certain manuals translated into Spanish, Your Spanish Translations is the place to go. Nowadays, most specialised machinery and gadgets are produced abroad, which requires the need to translate their manuals. Our language professionals can help you.


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