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Detroit Cityscape. Panorama View

Hispanic community foreseen to revive Detroit

Detroit is a city in the Midwest. It is the capital of Wayne County and the Michigan’s largest city. Detroit, synonymous with the automobile industry, was founded by French adventurer, nobleman and explorer Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac on the 24th of July, 1701. Cadillac, a division of General Motors used his name for their cars as a tribute to the city’s founder.

The city, once teeming with population during the height of the automobile manufacturing in the city now faces a downward trend in population. However, the growing community of Hispanics in Detroit is expected to revitalize the city. The Hispanics are known for their vitality, drive and work ethics. According to the 2007 Economic Census, out of the 50,588 firms in Detroit, 2.1% or 1,062 businesses are Hispanic-owned.

Detroit, Michigan has a current population of 713, 777 as of the 2010 census, 6.8% of which is Hispanic. The Hispanic population in Detroit is getting remarkable, with an increase in number around the Hubbard Farm, Hubbard-Richard and in Mexicantown. The city is responding to the increasing Hispanic population by the creation of LA SED, which provides help for Latino entrepreneurs. SER-Metro Detroit, Jobs for Progress, Inc. is a multi-service company that utilizes and develops workforce through literacy, community development, education and employment. They now require their staff to be bilingual, in English and Spanish to better serve the community. On the other hand, the Center for Music and Performing Arts, Southwest is providing the large number of Hispanics in the city with cultural connections by promoting world music and Latin American culture.

Why is Detroit very ideal for the Hispanics? The city is less congested than New York and Chicago, and the cost of living is definitely lower than these two prime cities. Numerous quality houses in Detroit are readily available and affordable, in the same way that retail and commercial spaces are affordable and plentiful. Detroit had room for growth, and is identified with opportunity and innovation, characteristics that also describe the Hispanics. All the good factors are there – and the Hispanics in Detroit are geared to help redevelop the city and fill up the vacant neighborhoods.

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Detroit, also known as Metro Detroit represents an emerging market of Hispanic power. Spanish programming in the area is full of product advertisements aired by auto industries and national retailers realizing the impact of this growing population. The number of Hispanics in Metro Detroit has seen an increase of twice the population in the last 15 years. Median income has increased, providing Hispanics with more than $2 billion in buying power.

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  • According to Hispanics living in the Metro Detroit area, “”I still can not find children books in Spanish, or any educated-oriented videos for them,” and “I am worried they will not be so naturally exposed to Spanish outside of our house. Spanish is such a valuable skill now.” Translation of your documents, books, manuals, and any other information will aid your company in reaching these individuals concerned about their culture, who wish to continue with their traditions. Make the difference, and reach out to this community.
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  • The largest city in the U.S. State of Michigan
  • The name Detroit sometimes refers to the Metro Detroit area, a sprawling region with a population of 4,468,966[12] for the Metropolitan Statistical Area, making it the nation’s tenth-largest, and a population of 5,410,014
  • Detroit is a major port city on the Detroit River, in the Midwest region of the United States.
  • It is known as the world’s traditional automotive center — “Detroit” is a metonym for the American automobile industry — and an important source of popular music, legacies celebrated by the city’s two familiar nicknames, Motor City and Motown.
  • In 2007, Detroit ranked as the United States’ eleventh most populous city, with 918,849 residents.
The dynamic and diverse city of Detroit has been made famous by the automotive industry, spearheaded by the vision of a farmer’s son, Henry Ford. When he introduced the first car assembly line manufacturing system in Detroit in 1903, the car manufacturing industry was revolutionized and conquered the world for a number of years, until the introduction and upsurge of foreign car makers. However, Detroit is not only about cars, although it made the city what it is today. Detroit is also the birthplace of the 1960s Motown Music, responsible for making the names of musical personalities such as Diana Ross and the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five, Gladys Knight & the Pips, and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles known the world over. Detroit is also known for jazz, blues, techno, rap and rock music.

The city is very culturally mixed, with residents coming from England, Italy, Ireland, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Poland, Germany, Mexico and Greece. Today, the largest communities belong to the African Americans, the Arab Americans and the Hispanics, and they have their own enclave where they showcase their culture and their heritage through their unique cuisine, among other things. There is Corktown for the Irish, Greektown and the fastest-growing community, Mexicantown.

While the automotive industry remains competitive, the city government is introducing other modern industries to keep its economy flourishing. Tourism, information technology, research, media, telecommunications, health services, finance, banking and real estate trusts are just some of the modern industries that have established offices and headquarters in Detroit.

During the early days of the city after its foundation in 1701, residents drew their economic sustenance from fur trading. Like most settlements, Detroit began its founding days on the banks of the Detroit River, where a fort was established. The founder was a French explorer and adventurer, Antoine de la Mothe, who was a nobleman from Cadillac. In order for the settlement, where 51 French-Canadians who came with De la Mothe settled, to build its population, France gave lots for free for those who are willing to settle in the new location. And soon there were 800 people who relocated to the region, which was given the name Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit.

Detroit is just across the Detroit River from Windsor, in Ontario, Canada. The two cities are linked by the Ambassador Bridge, a 7,500-foot long (2,300 meters) privately-owned suspension bridge that was constructed from 1927 to 1929. The four-lane bridge serves about 10,000 commercial vehicles each week, making it North America’s busiest international border crossing by trade volume, as this is where more than one-fourth of the product trade between Canada and the United States passes.

“While one of the good ways to get to see the city of Detroit is by car, the city is also a good place to go biking. The roads are wide and multi-laned and arranged in a grid pattern with many one way streets that make biking safe and pleasurable. The city has several museums, historic places and building in Renaissance and Art Deco designs, sculptures and memorials as well as parks and amusement centers, shopping areas and dining and entertainment venues – totally catering to the city’s millions of visitors, that you will not run out of things to do and things to see while visiting the D-Town.”

You could learn more about the city of Detroit, its history, demographics and economy and see a list of the city’s attractions from the City profile that we have prepared for you. With the increasing number of Hispanics in the city and the growing number of Spanish speakers and Hispanic-owned businesses in Detroit, translating your documents from English to Spanish or Spanish to English is necessary. And when you do need the services of a professional translation agency that delivers guaranteed and accurate translations, do allow us to be your partner.

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