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At Your Spanish Translation we offer Spanish legal translations of any of your legal documents, including anything from marriage, birth and death certificates to academic transcripts and diplomas. If you need to get any of your legal documents translated from Spanish into any other language for their use within a legal framework (including courts of law or any type of governmental body), contact us for a fast and professional translation which you can trust.

Many legal institutions require legal translations to be certified before they can be accepted as valid documents. A certified translation is one which is translated by a certified professional and is generally accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy which includes the name of the translator, his or her signature and the date. At Your Spanish Translation we offer fast, certified legal translations from and into Spanish – just contact us for a free quote within minutes!

We Work with the Best to Get the Best Results

At Your Spanish Translation, we only work with the best Spanish translators in the market. Legal translation requires a high degree of professionalism, background knowledge and experience, all of which are covered by our team. The excellence of our Spanish legal translators and their specialization in the legal field ensure the quality of the services we offer. We also provide outstanding customer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can rest assured that your documents are being dealt with exactly in the way you need.

If you need any document translated from or into Spanish for court, litigation or immigration purposes, contact us for the most highly-qualified Spanish legal translators in the legal field. Please fill in our online form to get a free quote within only a few minutes!

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