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Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) Services Professional Interpreters Specialized in Over The Phone Interpreting

Phone interpreting is a simple and easy way to quickly get an interpreter on the phone. Compared to an in-person interpreter, it’s cheaper and less time-consuming. We can provide you highly trained and professional foreign language phone interpreters who can be available for you in less than 5 minutes! We also offer pre-paid plans so you can save money. Please contact us to learn more about our pre-paid phone interpreter plans.

Over the phone interpreters specialized in every field

Because of our high quality standards and the requirements we have for our interpreters, you can always contact us to request a professional over the phone interpreter that’s also an expert in your business field, with wide knowledge of specialized terminologies, whether it is the medical, legal, or others.

Our over the phone interpreters not only have excellent idiomatic command of the languages they interpret, but also have great international over the phone interpreting experience, wide cultural knowledge, and are familiar with the different dialects and variations of languages. This means our over the phone interpreting (OPI) services will specifically meet your needs making sure the messages are exactly interpreted without the addition or omission of any detail, and with the correct sense that is intended by the source in the original language.

We care about providing your business with integral services to guarantee you the best quality and absolute transparency. Our over the phone interpreters are neutral and will always remain impartial when interpreting for you and your customers. Also, they have signed confidentiality agreements that can guarantee you the confidentiality and privacy you want.

No matter the specifications and the requirements you ask from us for your over the phone interpretation needs, World Interpreting, Inc. will always do its best to satisfy them.

To schedule an Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) professional, please fill out our online form on the right side of the page or contact us any time.

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