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Professional Spanish Interpreting Frequently Asked Questions about Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

General Questions and Answers

Phone interpreting is a simple and easy way to quickly get an interpreter on the phone. Compared to an in-person interpreter, it’s cheaper and less time-consuming. You will be billed per minute and there are no minimum charges!

Your Spanish Translation, Inc. can provide you highly trained and professional foreign language phone interpreters who can be available for you in less than 5 minutes! The wide phone interpreting experience of our certified interpreters is ready to become an essential communication tool for your business to make sure you avoid the costs of not speaking the same language of your different customers, facilitating instant communications in a simple and fast way through the best quality OPI services.

Your Spanish Translation, Inc. provides interpretation services in Spanish for which we have experts with an excellent idiomatic command and the cultural knowledge required to fully comprehend the messages in a particular in this language

Your Spanish Translation, Inc. boasts professional experience and expertise on various fields of foreign language interpreting.

Our services include, but are not the limited to the following:
Over the phone Community Interpreting Over the phone Conference Interpreting Over the phone Court Interpreting
Over the phone Escort Interpreting Over the phone EUO Interpreting Over the phone Events Interpreting
Over the phone Focus Group Interpreting Over the phone IME Interpreting Over the phone Legal Interpreting
Over the phone Media Interpreting Over the phone Medical Interpreting Over the phone Military Interpreting
Over the phone Multilingual Interpreting Over the Phone Interpreting Voiceover

Your Spanish Translation, Inc’s team is a trustworthy and professional group of telephone interpreters. We value our customers’ privacy and guarantee the confidentiality of all conversations.

We also offer pre-paid plans so you can save money. Please choose from one of the following options if you want o take advantage of one of our pre-paid phone interpreter plans:

YST Calling Plan Price USD Minutes Price per minute(US Dollars)
Basic Plan $50.00 25 $2.00
Standard Plan $100.00 55 $1.85
Premium Plan $200.00 115 $1.75
Super Saver Plan $500.00 305 $1.65

* If you sign up for a permanent account, you will automatically be charged $1.50 USD per minute.

Your Spanish Translation, Inc. is a global company and we can definitely provide you with an interpreter in ANY language that you need. We have designed the prepaid plans for our clients to receive the same world class quality interpretation service in a very affordable price and package that would suit their needs. The same rates will apply regardless of the schedule that the client has provided but it may change depending on the complexity of the language pair.

Your Spanish Translation, Inc. offers prepaid plans that are intricately studied to provide our clients high quality interpretations in a great deal that would help them save money but won’t alter the quality of services that they receive. The plans that we offer are as is and we do not charge any additional fees or taxes.

The prepaid services that Your Spanish Translation, Inc. offers don’t have any expiration date. If you still have consumable credits, feel free to use it any time you want.

our Spanish Translation, Inc. will provide you with a professional language phone interpreter upon confirmation. It is the duty of the client to facilitate the 3-way call. If the client wishes us to facilitate the phone call for them, certain charges may apply such as long distance fees.

Your Spanish Translation, Inc. provides all the interpreting services you can see on the website and many more. We are always willing to listen to your specific requirements in order to adapt our services to your needs and satisfy them all. Don’t hesitate about coming to us with your doubts and requirements; we will surely provide you with what you need.

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