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  • What is an Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI)?

    Phone interpreting is a simple and easy way to quickly get an interpreter on the phone. Compared to an in-person interpreter, it’s cheaper and less time-consuming. You will be billed per minute and there are no minimum charges!

  • How long does it take for you to find an OPI interpreter?

    Your Spanish Translation, Inc. can provide you highly trained and professional foreign language phone interpreters who can be available for you in less than 5 minutes! The wide phone interpreting experience of our certified interpreters is ready to become an essential communication tool for your business to make sure you avoid the costs of not speaking the same language of your different customers, facilitating instant communications in a simple and fast way through the best quality OPI services.

  • What are the different languages that you cater?

    Your Spanish Translation, Inc. provides interpretation services in Spanish for which we have experts with an excellent idiomatic command and the cultural knowledge required to fully comprehend the messages in a particular language.

  • Which currencies do you accept?

    We accept all currencies.

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