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Miami Cityscape. Panorama View

Over 63% of residents in San Antonio are of Hispanic origin

Miami, Florida Florida has a city population that is close to 400,000, but the metropolitan area, the Miami-Dade County has a current (as of 2010) population of over 2.5 million, making it the eight most populous county in the U.S. and the most populous in the State of Florida.

The center of commerce, finance, international trade, media, culture, the arts and entertainment, Miami was classified as an Alpha City in 2010 and was named the cleanest city in America by Forbes Magazine in 2008.

From the 2010 census data figures, the city of Miami is home to 72.6% White person from which 70% belong to the Hispanic or Latino race. From the 2006 to 2010 census figures, the percentage of people speaking a foreign language in Miami is at 77.3%. It has been noted that the number of residents in Miami who speak English only continue to decline. As of 2000, majority of the population, pegged at 66.75% reportedly speak Spanish as their first language, in contrast to those who speak English as their primary language, which was only at 25.45%. Haitian Creole, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Greek, Arabic are some of the other languages spoken in the city.

With this high number of Spanish speakers in the city, a professional translation and interpretation service provider is in very high demand. It you are in business and you wish to reach the large Hispanic community in Miami, it is best to partner with a professional translation and interpretation agency that would be able to provide fast, accurate and guaranteed translation and interpretation services; a group that is available anytime of the day wherever you are, and would gladly serve you whatever the size of your project is.

Miami, Florida is one of the nation’s large metropolitan areas with one of the largest Hispanic workforces in the country. If you need a Spanish translation or interpreter for the Miami area, you can count on the unbeatable accuracy and service of Your Spanish Translation, LLC. We are familiar with the unique mix of Cubans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Argentines, and many other Hispanics that makes Miami such a vibrant community.

Miami is a very wonderful place to live, however, if you are an employer, business person, or just need to get around, you will find that Spanish translation and interpreting services can be of great benefit to you in order to cater to your present Hispanic clients or employees. You can count on us to provide you with a quality Spanish interpreter for your specific interpretation needs.

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  • Cruise ship capital of the world: 3,112,355 passengers in 1999
  • Third largest U.S. airport for international passengers.
  • Financial Capital of Latin America and the Caribbean and a huge Spanish-speaking community
  • Spanish is the main language of Miami making Spanish translation services very important.
  • 38 State licensed foreign bank agencies with $12.5 billion in deposits
  • 13 Edge Act banks with $7 billion in deposits
  • 59 Commercial banks and 11 thrift institutions with 38.8 billion in deposits
  • More than 500 multinational corporations
  • 61 foreign consulate offices
  • 25 foreign trade offices
  • 40 bi-national chambers of commerce
  • Average daily winter temperature: 67 degrees (January)
  • The coldest months are December through February (61 – 77 degrees)
  • Average daily summer temperature: 82 degrees (July)
  • The warmest months are July and August when the temperature ranges from 76 – 91 degrees
  • Population: 2,253,362
  • Registered drivers: 1.598,322
  • Registered cars: 1,290,001
Miami is the county seat of the Miami-Dade County and is located at the southeastern part of Florida and near the Atlantic coast of the state. It is the largest metropolitan area in the State of Florida and plays a very vital role in the economic development of the region.

The city is very near the equator, making its weather range from hot to scorching hot. But still, the city is one of the major tourist destinations in the United States. It is a favorite location for people who want to bask in the sun all-year round and those who want to escape the cold of the winter months. Summer in Miami is from June to September, and for the uninitiated, the temperature during this season could reach over 32.2 °C or 90 °F and higher. It could be quite humid when the rains and thunderstorms occur around June up to November. The winter temperature is very mild, with the average daytime temperature going as high as 24 °C or about 95 °F and getting down slightly when evening comes.

Majority of firms in Miami-Dade County is owned by Hispanics, and it is basically the same in the city of Miami, with 62.5% of the 85,146 firms in the city (as of 2007) being Hispanic-owned. Hence, if you want to do business in Miami, it is best that you know how to speak Spanish and have all your documents translated from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

There is so much more to learn about the vibrant and fascinating city of Miami and you could read about it in the City profile that we have prepared for you. There are interesting bits of information about what makes the city unique, its history, demographics, culture and economy. There is something about its geography and the places of interest as well as things you could do while visiting Miami. And if you need immediate translation of your documents from English to Spanish or Spanish to English or if you need an interpreter, we do hope that you would partner with us.

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