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General Questions and Answers

Your Spanish Translation is a worldwide professional translation company. We are a global company with ability to serve our clients no matter where they are.
Our head office is located in New York City, New York (415 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor, New York City, NY 10017, +1 212-537-6123). You are welcome to visit us at any moment, or you can also contact us. To view a list of local numbers, please click here. In general, 95% of the projects can be completed without arranging any meeting. However, if you wish to have a meeting with us, we will arrange one at your earliest convenience. We are always at your disposal.

You can visit our webpage, where you will find a list of satisfied clients, moreover, you can also visit our page with quotes from satisfied clients. You can check out and download some certified samples of our work. We are proud and happy to have collaborated with major international companies, such as: Siemens, IGT – the industry’s leading manufacturer of gaming machines, The National Football League and Super Bowl Committee, Auburn University, USA and many others. We translate for thousand more clients with whom we keep the strictest privacy policies.

As a corporate member of the American Translators Association (ATA), the Better Business Bureau and The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, we are dedicated to demonstrating professionalism and excellent customer service in all of our business dealings. Our highly trained employee base of certified language translators with extensive experience in the translation field have strong understanding of the culture and language. Additionally, we match each project with a professional translation team that has expertise in the related field to ensure all content and terminology is contextually accurate. Learn more about our quality management process.

We are very selective in the process of hiring an employee here at Your Spanish Translation, Inc. All translators and interpreters must pass a test created by us in order to become a tan employee. They are then tested every 3 months internally for quality control. All of our translators have certifications in multiple languages from the American Translator Association (ATA). They are translators with expertise in business, technical, medical and healthcare, legal, education, advertising, and more. We are equipped with a team of professional translators with years of international translation and localization experience to perfectly fit your document translation or interpreting needs.

To begin with, we assign your translation to the team which is specifically trained for your type of translation such as our legal translation team or medical translation team. We then make sure that your document is read thoroughly every time before translating it. After thoroughly reading your document, we begin the translation, making sure to put thought, creativity, and extreme attention into the meaning. We then format everything to be a mirror-image of your original document. Mirror-image formatting is very important to us as is helps to compare them side by side and it also saves you, the client, valuable time in editing.

After formatting comes the proofreading and editing stage to ensure that there are no mistakes in spelling, context, or grammar. We then have the project manager give it one more look before we send it back to the client.

The translator working on your project is as likely to be in one of our offices in the US, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Egypt, etc. as anywhere else in the world; it is a question of time and available resources.

Certification, a free service for all translations returned as hard-copies, is Your Spanish Translation’s signed claim stating that we stand behind the accuracy of the document. For example, we define a certified translation done in the United States as one completed by a translator who is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA).
A notarized translation is one that bears a notary’s seal. Notarization is an additional service, adds the notary’s signature as an official witness to the signing of the document. It can be added to the document itself as a footer or on a separate statement of accuracy. Once we know a bit about your project, we may be able to help you decide which is best.

A translator is Sworn when he/she is certified by the government of his/her residence, enabling him/her to execute Sworn Translations. In a number of countries, a legal distinction for translators exists. It allows them to translate and stamp their translations as accurate and faithful to the original. In the US, where the distinction does not exist, Your Spanish Translation combines its agency certification with a notary’s signature to achieve the equivalent.

Yes, we do. Please visit the services page of Your Spanish Translation to find out more about the particular service in which you are interested.

Yes. Your Spanish Translation, Inc. has many years of experience in certified translations of your important documents including birth certificates, college degrees, marriage certificates, and much more for any language. When you request a certified translation with us, you can expect to receive the certified translation with the document of certification by e-mail and a hard copy to your address if requested. Please visit the this page for more details: certified translations. Please see our entire list of services for more details.

We can receive documents by post, fax (1-800-856-2759), hand-delivery, email, FTP, Fax (1-800-856-2759) or via our Free Quote form. We accept electronic files in any kind of format.

Please go to the Free Quote page and provide as many details as you can and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please contact us at with the details of your project including source language, target language, and the word count or use the submission form if you prefer.

For every project, we strive for quick turnaround with a streamlined process that keeps our customers and the translators well informed, yet this can sometimes vary based on work-flow in the office as well as on the difficulty of the job itself, especially in the case of multilingual projects. Please feel free to contact us for discuss your project. We will more than likely be able to meet your deadline.

No. We do not need an original copy of your document; a copy of it via fax, photocopy, or e-mail (PDF) is sufficient.

No problem! Your Spanish Translation is happy to help with any project of any size. We can translate letters, emails, official documents — anything you need.

Yes, they are. At Your Spanish Translation, we take our service to the client very seriously. And we are extremely confident in our ability to provide you with an accurate translation. Our accuracy guarantee for life means that if you should ever find a problem with your translation, no matter how many days, months, or years have passed, we will make the corrections free of charge. We are always available for updates to any document we translated.

Every single document that Your Spanish Translation receives is confidential. But, if you have privacy concerns, a legally binding non-disclosure agreement will be signed by our translator(s). We will uphold the highest professional and ethical standards to make sure the content of your project remains private. Here is a copy of our privacy policy.

Your contact details are securely stored on our database and no third party is ever given access to these.

We calculate the price on length of translation and due date, but never on terminology because we believe that we are well versed in every field.

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