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Spanish Translation for Business

Your Spanish Translation is a worldwide provider of translation and interpreting services. We are a certified professional Spanish translation company with a team of translators – highly trained in various fields, with years of proven translation experience and who are mother tongue linguists. We are also capable of translating large amounts of documents, such as foreign transcripts, accurately in a short amount of time. We guarantee a perfect and detailed translation of your foreign transcripts and academic evaluation (e.g. for immigration, education, employment, professional licensing, or teacher certification) wherever you are in the world!

Your Spanish Translation Academic Evaluation process

1. Your document will be handled by a Spanish translation professional who will translate, proofread, and edit your foreign transcripts in order to provide you with a perfect translation.
2. We will take this translation and provide an academic evaluation for any university in the United States by a certified member of the Association of International Educators.

What is an academic evaluation?

An academic evaluation compares your foreign university transcripts from your home country with a similar degree in the United States such as a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Chemistry, etc. Your Spanish Translation will do a report of the courses and this report gives a comparison of each course from your foreign transcript to an equivalent course in the United States educational system. This report also compares the grading system in your country with that of the U.S. educational system.

Academic Evaluation Pricing

Pricing: $215 for the academic evaluation. For translation pricing, please contact us at [email protected]. You can submit a request for academic evaluation using our form below or download and fill out our submission form and send it to us.

Your Spanish Translation, Your Spanish Translation Company!

Your Spanish Translation concentrates mainly in English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation. If you require another foreign language translation, you can visit our other website.

Your Spanish Translation has an established team of professional Spanish to English and English to Spanish trained translators, with years of proven experience in the translation of all types of documents. As a member of American translators association (ATA), we can assure you that we will translate your documents with extreme care and detail using our 5 step quality care process. We also guarantee accuracy, efficiency, privacy, and quick turnaround time in translating your documents.

We welcome you to contact us for more information about our company or to get a free quote.

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