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The charming city of La Paz, Bolivia’s administrative capital.

The city of La Paz is located in the valleys created by the Andes Mountains. It sits at an altitude of 3,650 meters, making it the highest administrative capital in the world. This high elevation also gave the city its unique nickname of ‘the city that touches the sky.” The city has several mountains surrounding it that belong to the mountain range of the Andes. The most spectacular and considered the city’s guardian is the three-peaked mountain of Illimani. Illimani translates to golden eagle. The mountain is one of the city major landmarks, with its majestic snow-capped mountaintops, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, particularly from Avenida Camacho and Mirador Monticulo.

La Paz is made up mostly of indigenous inhabitants, the Amerindians, although there are a sizeable number of foreign immigrants. Aymara, Spanish and Quechua are the official languages in the city. Bilingual residents are common. English as well as Japanese, French, Dutch, Norwegian and German are some of the languages also spoken by city dwellers. There are also speakers of local dialects like Pano and Guarani.

La Paz may be the administrative capital as Sucre is the capital of the country of Bolivia, but the city has the most number of government departments. Embassies of Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States are in La Paz. The city is also where the Central Bank of Bolivia, the National Congress and the Government Palace can be found. The financial district of the city is in the south, where the more affluent families of La Paz live. This is the section of the city where the headquarters of foreign firms like Citibank, Moody’s, Huawei, Taiyo Motors (Nissan Motor Corporation), Millicom International Cellular, Sumitomo Corporation, Aon Corporation, Ernst & Young and Pan American Silver Corporation are located. Bolivia’s biggest shopping mall, the MegaCenter is also in the city.

Bolivia can be describe as “extreme” in so many ways – from its climate, complex topography, to its landlocked oceanic position, not to mention the impact socially of its huge indigenous population. Even though Bolivia is one of the most economically challenged countries in South America, it is the richest in natural resources. Also, tourists are drawn to Bolivia’s flamboyance and cultural allure, thus boosting its tourism. Your Spanish Translation understands Bolivia’s potentials and value globally, that is why we make sure our company’s presence in Bolivia is solid by streamlining our Spanish translation, Spanish interpreting services and workforce so we can excel in catering to anyone or any business.

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About La Paz, Bolivia

Spanish Translation in  La Paz, BoliviaLa Paz, Bolivia’s de facto capital is located high up in the mountains. Its airport, located at El Alto, is the highest international airport in the world, in much the same way that the city is the highest administrative capital in the whole world.

The beautiful city of La Paz is situated in a landlocked area that is about 472 square kilometers in size, a bowl-shaped valley created by the mountains surrounding the city. Most of the city’s 835,361 residents (as of 2011) reside within the city boundaries, while the rest are located in the higher regions of the city.

In La Paz, the social stratification is defined by where the residents dwell. Those in the higher areas represent the poorer communities while those at the lowest regions of the city are the affluent families. This is because the climate is more comfortable and tolerable in the lower areas than in the locales with higher elevations.

Hosting several international companies such as banks, manufacturing and electronic firms, La Paz is a developing commercial and financial center. With some of the larger countries having their embassies in La Paz, it has a growing community of foreign nationals. Conducting business in the city requires that documents should be translated in Spanish. And you need to partner with a professional translation and interpretation service company to be assured that your documents are translated accurately in the fastest time possible.

The city is a place of contrasts. It is a modern city, bustling in commerce and industry, and filled with several skyscrapers. At the same time you will still see traces of its historical past and its Andean culture when you see local residents called “paceños” in traditional clothing among people wearing modern business suits.

The city is breathtaking and you will be transported into another time when you visit La Paz. It is particularly magnificent when seen from a higher location as evening falls and the valley is filled with lights that creep up to the sides of the valley. The city may be small but there are plenty of things to see and do to fill your days.

We have prepared a city profile for La Paz so you will have a deeper understanding of the city. It includes a brief overview, climate, economy, some safety tips, demographics and a brief history. There is also a list of places of interest, a bit about the city’s culture and some facts about the city that are worth knowing.