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San Antonio Cityscape. Panorama View

Over 63% of residents in San Antonio are of Hispanic origin

San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful, culturally and linguistically diverse city in the western part of the South Central zone of the United States. It has been said that everything is big in Texas. It must be really true since San Antonio, as a city, is the 7th largest in the United States as well as the second largest city in Texas. The historical city, the origin of the liberty of the State of Texas is geographically located at 29° 25’ North and 98° 30’ West.

The city originated from a settlement of Coahuilteca Indians, in a place called Yanaguana or refreshing waters, referring to the San Pedro Springs. Spanish missionaries and explorers came by the settlement near the river in 1691and since it was the feast day of San Antonio de Padua on that day, June 13. When the first mission was established in 1718, the settlement was given the name Mission San Antonio de Valero.

Since its early beginnings, the culture of San Antonio had been strongly influenced by the Spaniards, who were able to establish four missions in the area. The main focus of the missions was to educate and turn the natives into Christians. The population was increased with the approval of the King of Spain, in which 15 families consisting of 56 people from the Canary Islands were imported and allowed to settle in the area. In a few years, the settlement in San Antonio grew and became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas, and it eventually became the provincial capital. However, the increasing raids by the Apache and Comanche Indians forced the missionaries to eventually vacate the missions.

When Texas came under Mexican rule, the increase in Hispanics in the area became more pronounced. But since the area is more affordable than other regions, more Americans began to move in and settle, threatening the Mexican rule. Eventual power struggles ensued and with the missions abandoned, the Americans valiantly fought to protect the settlement, with the Battle at Alamo becoming one of the most memorable in the history of San Antonio and Texas.

While the Alamo is not that big, its importance and historical value in the history of Texas and San Antonio is far larger than its size. It was the source of the famous battle cry – “Remember the Alamo!” This is where Congressman David or Davy Crockett perished together with 188 other volunteer soldiers who valiantly defended the former mission until their last breath in March of 1836.

Texas may have gained its independence from Spain and Mexico, but its Spanish heritage still remains and is very much celebrated. San Antonio has one of the largest Hispanic populations in the state, dominating the population figures in 2010 by 63.2%, which is equivalent to 838,952 residents with Latin American ancestry. They are now homeowners, business owners, legislators and movers and shakers in San Antonio.

San Antonio, as a large metropolis with its dominant Hispanic population is a city that is regularly in need of Spanish translation services.

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San Antonio, Texas is quite unique, with its dominant Hispanic atmosphere, evident in its music, food, dance, festivals and other celebrations, strongly influenced by Spain and Mexico. The city though also has a large German population, mostly living at the King William Historic District, where some of the beautiful Victorian houses could be found.

The city has a hot and humid climate with almost perpetual sunshine, considering that is sunny in San Antonio about 300 days a year. The weather though is variable and the temperature could drop considerably, so it is best to be prepared by carrying a light sweater with you when you are in San Antonio.

San Antonio is currently home to a population that exceeds 1.3 million, while the metropolitan area is at present occupied by 2.2 million residents. Workers living and working in San Antonio number about 428, 926. The daytime population of the city increases by 5.9% or an additional 67,989 due to commuting workers. The thriving metropolis is the third fastest-growing city in the United States and still the most affordable city in the country.

The lively and dynamic city is a favorite destination of travelers and the city receives about 26 million tourists a year, a testament to the many attractions and activities that you could do in San Antonio. There are still a lot more that you could learn about San Antonio in the City profile that we have prepared just for you. San Antonio has a very large Hispanic community and if you looking to relocate, study or start a business in the city, it is best to have your documents translated into Spanish, a dominant language in the city. Your Spanish Translation, LLC has expert English to Spanish and Spanish to English translators and interpreters and we hope that you will allow us to be your partner when you do need translation and interpretation services.

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