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Tampa Cityscape. Panorama View

Tampa, Florida is home to the largest Hispanic population in the United States

Tampa, located in Hillsborough County is the county’s seat. It is part of the Tampa Bay Area. It has been ranked as a top city for the young generation of 20-somethings and ranked fifth in the list of best outdoor cities according to Forbes in 2008. The city is currently ranked by UK’s Loughborough University as a Gamma World City along with Osaka, Santo Domingo and Phoenix. There’s more wealth now in the city with the rise of consumer market demands.

The Village of Tampa in 1849 only had 185 regular residents, excluding the Fort Brooke military personnel stationed there. Even after the First World War, the area was just a small fishing village and residents and government officials thought that development of the area was not possible. There was a lack of decent roads, and the vast swamplands were fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which led to yellow fever plagues, and very little industry was available in the area.

The discovery of phosphate, the main ingredient in fertilizer production; the construction of railways that led to the development of the fishing industry; and the transfer of the cigar manufacturing plants from Key West to Tampa opened the city’s doors to trade and commerce as well as immigration. Spanish and Cuban migrants came to Tampa to work in the cigar factories while Jews and Italians came to the area to open shops and other facilities to provide services to the cigar factory workers. Soon, the area was teeming with Cuban and Spanish workers and entrepreneurs.

Tampa, Florida is home to one of the largest hispanic populations in the country. The Tampa Bay metropolitan area is home to over 3 million people. Your Spanish Translation provides translation and interpreting services to law firms, health care providers, hospitals and many other large corporations in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the world.

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  • Hispanic magazine named Tampa the #1 place for Hispanics to live in its 2000 issue, when more than 350 cities were rated.
  • Tampa ranks second in the nation in Hispanic affluence, according to a survey of the Top 50 U.S. Hispanic Markets by Stratergy Reserach.
  • Tampa’s port is now the seventh largest in the nation.
  • Tampa Bay’s beaches are always ranked in the Top 10.
  • Tampa Bay is the largest open-water estuary in Florida.
  • Florida’s third most populous city that is located on the state’s west coast.
  • Tampa is among the Top 5 percent of U.S. cities rated as the best places to live and work by Money Magazine.
  • Tampa attracts many tourists to Busch Gardens, the nation’s fourth largest zoo which is also known for its world-famous rides and beer tasting.
Tampa is the largest city in West Central Florida and is located on the northern shore of Tampa Bay. It belongs to the county of Hillsborough and acts as the seat of the county. It is divided into six districts – New Tampa, Downtown, East, West, South and North. Downtown Tampa is the central business district while New Tampa comprises incorporated and unincorporated parts of Hillsborough and is mainly residential. The highest concentration of Latinos resides in West Tampa. The neighborhood is also the oldest part of Tampa. The residents in the lower neighborhoods of East and North Tampa are migrants from different countries. South Tampa has more affluent neighborhoods and is the location of the MacDill Air Force Base.

“The city of Tampa has so many nicknames, including Cigar City, Cigar Capital of the World (even if it pertains to Ybor City), America’s Next Greatest City, City of Champions, Lightning Capital of the World, and the Big Guava. The last moniker is quite intriguing, considering that occasional freezing temperatureshas made it difficult for the guava trees to grow commercially in Tampa. It does have a funny but real origin, which is related to the beginnings of Ybor City. The name was actually coined in the 1970s by Steve Otto, a Tampa Times, now defunct and Tampa Tribune columnist. ”

As the story goes, Gavino Gutierrez, a migrant civil engineer of Spanish-American descent was a worker at a New York company packing tropical fruits. In 1884, he heard that in Tampa Bay area wild guava trees were very common and he thought that it would be a good new product for his company therefore he himself went to Tampa to take a look. The rumor was false though but the engineer saw the economic potential of the place, which at that time only had about 1,000 residents. At the same time, the railroad network being built by Henry B. Plant was in progress. En route to New York, Gutierrez visited cigar manufacturing company owner Vicente Martinez-Ybor in Key West. The two were friends. Gutierrez knew that his friend was looking for a new place to relocate his cigar factory and suggested that Ybor take a look at the area. It was near enough that it would be easy to import tobacco from Havana, Cuba. The latter was impressed and bought a large piece of land, which later became Ybor City and his friend came to work for him as the city engineer and planner. Gutierrez got the city layout planned for a company town, including housing facilities for the envisioned influx of immigrant workers who would be working at the factories. And they planned to make a town where workers could own their homes and other people would be encouraged to start businesses and stay, building a new community. Ybor even encouraged other cigar manufacturers to relocate to his company town. The growth in population and economic gains not only for Ybor City but also for the whole of Tampa was rapid, which inspired newspaper columnist Otto to liken it to New York and its nickname Big Apple. Since the whole thing started with the search for guava, he coined the name Big Guava for Tampa.

Find more interesting facts about Tampa, its history, demographics and economy, and city attractions in the City profile that we have prepared. You would also find some travel safety tips and a brief look into the city’s culture in the profile. And when you need a professional English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation service provider, let Your Spanish Translation, LLC be of service to you.

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