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San Diesgo Cityscape. Panorama View.

San Diego, a city with one of the largest Hispanic population in the United States

Located in the seacoast of Southern California, the city of San Diego is a culturally and linguistically diverse city that is currently home to over 1.3 million residents, the largest of which is of Hispanic ancestry. The city sits next door to Mexico and was California’s birthplace. In fact, the city was formerly a part of Mexico in 1821before it became a part of the United States in 1850 with the admission of California to the Union.

Out of the total population of 1.3 million, about 28.8% is of Hispanic or Latino ancestry. Spanish is the most widely spoken second language in the city that speaks around 100 languages. Mexicans and Puerto Rican make up the bulk of the Hispanic population in the city. Therefore it would be a wise decision to learn Spanish if you are planning to relocate, work or study in San Diego. When you need documents to be translated it is best that you partner with a professional English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation company that understands the nuances of the Spanish language deeply.

The city has been a favorite destination of immigrants, visitors and retirees, lured by the favorable weather conditions year-round; its miles of wonderful beaches that are ideal for swimming, surfing, diving and other water-related activities; its parks, its history, its natural beauty and its diverse culture.

San Diego has deep canyons and mesas, creating a hilly geography that separate nearby neighborhoods, making the residents rely on cars heavily. The tallest peak in the city is Cowles Mountain that stands to a height of 486 meters or 1,593 feet. Its height reaches the limit imposed in tall buildings in the city due to the city’s proximity to the San Diego International Airport. The city has other mountains, including the Cuyamaca, Laguna and the Black Mountain.

San Diego, California and Tijuana, Baja, California, Mexico have a population of over 5 million people and is a mixture of English and Spanish-speaking people like no other area in the world. Spanish translation services are a very important tool to have in this area and Your Spanish Translation, LLC can provide you with the right solutions for your Spanish Translation and Spanish interpretation needs. San Diego is right on the border with Mexico so there is not only a need for Spanish translation of your documents for doing business in Mexico, but we also provide certified Spanish to English translation and English to Spanish translation of all of your documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, visas, college transcripts, patents, copyrights and all other business, financial, and legal matters. We are an all-encompassing translation firm that is dedicated to providing the most accurate translations on the planet as well as helping you to communicate in the Spanish language. San Diego is the fourth largest city in the United States with one of the largest Hispanic population and workforces.

Our established team of professional Spanish translators and interpreters has over 30 years of experience in the translation of all types of documents. Your documents will be handled by a Spanish translation professional who will translate your documents with extreme care and detail. Our Spanish translations are always guaranteed to be 100% accurate for the life of the translation. This means that as long as you are still using the translation, if you see a problem with it, we will fix it free of charge! Our group of human translators works closely together to give you the best possible product. We guarantee accuracy and privacy in translating your documents. Feel free to contact us for any kind of translation. You will be surprised by the accuracy of the translation as well as our quick turnaround time. We welcome you to contact us for more information about our company or to get a free quote.

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People who live in and those who have been to the city of San Diego in Southern California say that the city is a paradise for vacationers. This is because the city has such an idyllic temperature all throughout the year and has about 70 miles of beautiful coastline for surfing, swimming and diving.

The city is also a family destination due to the presence of family-oriented destinations as Legoland, SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo. It has a highly-famous and developed arts, culture and music scene and is one of the centers for world-class shopping and gastronomic diversity. San Diego has small communities that showcase its diverse cultural heritage with the numerous boutiques dotting the city where your visit can turn into a surprising adventure to such finds as Little Italy, the chic atmosphere at the historical Gaslamp Quarter and other ethnic neighborhoods.

With the deep natural harbor of San Diego, it became the coaling station for the US Navy in 1907 before the Naval Air Station followed suit. The establishment of the Navy installations in San Diego played a very important role in the economic prosperity and the increase in population of the city. It is now the home of the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy and the city is a favorite location of sailors who are on leave.

Military and defense, tourism, international research, retail, manufacturing, media and communications as well as biotechnology are some of the very viable local and international industries that have headquarters and plants in the city.

The rate of law-breaking offenses in the city is quite low so that the city is safe for locals and visitors alike. The city is vibrant and pulsating by day and night, with almost all types of entertainment and attractions for every age group from any cultural background. Get to know more about the city of San Diego with the city profile that we have prepared. And when you need Spanish to English or vice-versa translation service, do allow us to be your partner.

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