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Castellano is the main language spoken in Chile and in the capital city of Santiago.

It is interesting to note that while you could communicate in Spanish when you travel to Chile and tour its capital, Santiago, the brand of Spanish spoken in this South American city and country differs from the Spanish spoken in other Latin American countries. First, the native Spanish speakers in Santiago talk quite fast that it would take some time to understand it. They speak in heavily accented Chilean Spanish or Castellano, which has some differences from the mainstream Spanish that you learned. That is one of the reasons why interpretation and translation services are very much needed in the city and in the country.

With their fast manner of talking, Santiaguinos and Santiaguinas are accustomed to condensing some of the words, thereby shortening it. For example, instead of pasado, they pronounce it as pasao. In regular Spanish conjugation, you would say “tú hablas” or you speak; “tú quieres” for you want or say “tú vives” meaning you live. In Santiago and anywhere else in Chile, locals tend to say “hablái,” “queréi,” or “vivi.” The common question, “where are you going” in standard Spanish is translated as “a dónde vas?” In Santiago, this question becomes “a dónde vai?” These are just some of the quirks of the Chilean Spanish that you would encounter when you visit Chile.

Chile is one country with a very rich and colorful past, until it established itself as a strong democratic nation with a steady and growing economy, which is an impressive feat. Today, Chile is well known globally for foreign trade and its sound economic policies, making Chile one of the highly reputed nations in South America and across the world. This prominence further exposed Chile as an international leader, in addition to being known for its natural splendors and fascinating culture. Linguistically, Mapudungun, German, English are known as locally spoken languages, however Spanish is the language that is widely used and the official language of Chile. Your Spanish Translation understands Chile’s potentials and value globally, that is why we make sure our company’s presence in Chile is solid by streamlining our Spanish translation, Spanish interpreting services and workforce so we can excel in catering to anyone or any business.

Your Spanish Translation, LLC has offices worldwide, including Santiago, enabling us to provide you with a professional translator or interpreter anytime and in any part of Santiago, and also throughout Chile.

With the great amount of tourism and international business pursuits and opportunities in Chile, accurate translation of your documents ensures that you are reaching those individuals directly and professionally in a language they can relate to. A professional document translation, perfectly done, will not only attract residents of the area you want to insinuate yourself into, but also impacts visitors or people wanting to relocate.

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