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From one of the mightiest empires in the Americas, Ecuador retains its Inca culture.

The Republic of Ecuador or simply Ecuador is a country in South America. It is bordered by Peru on its east and south sides, by the Pacific Ocean on its western side and Colombia on its northern portion. The Galápagos Islands is part of the republic.

The country that straddles the equator has Spanish as its official language, with the country having been colonized by Spain for nearly 300 years. Quito, its capital city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The distinction was due to the city having the least altered historic center as well as Latin America’s best-preserved historic area. Many highly preserved Inca structures could be seen around Quito and Ecuador.

It was only in 1822 that Ecuador gained its independence from Spain, two years after Guayaquil, one of its cities first gained independence. The country suffered and overcame many upheavals throughout much of its history, proving the strength and resilience of its people.

Ecuador’s geography is quite diverse, with the country divided into three main regions as well as an insular one. Its Pacific coastline and the low-lying areas on its western part comprise La Costa. The high-altitude areas with a mountainous terrain close to the Andes Mountain range belong to the La Sierra region. La Amazonia region comprises its Amazon rainforest belt, while the Región Insular is composed of the Galápagos Islands.

The country relies on its aquaculture, agriculture and petroleum exports for its economic stability.

Its population is also diverse. As of 2011, it is estimated that the country’s population is slightly over 15 million, with the Mestizos, descendants of the intermixed Amerindians and Spanish colonizers being widely dominant. They comprise about 72% of the inhabitants of Ecuador, while the indigenous peoples account for only 7% right now. Mulattoes and zambos (people of mixed African and Amerindian heritage) as well as Afro-Ecuadorians are considered a minority.

90% of the population speaks Spanish as their first language, while a sizeable part of the country’s inhabitants speak Ameridian languages as their second language. Only a very small portion of the populace speaks Ameridian languages as their first language. With this language diversity, it has become necessary for expatriates and business people in Ecuador to engage the services of a professional language translation and interpretation service provider regularly.

Ecuador beholds a rich historical and political past, marred by failures and restored by successes; both have marked Ecuador as a resilient South American country. Despite being the smallest Andean country, Ecuador in history held a seat on the Spanish colonial empire, and it is vastly Spanish in ancestry with diverse indigenous minority. Today, more than 90% of Ecuador’s population speaks Spanish. Situated between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador is a global exporter of petroleum, which contributes largely to its economy. For travelers and nature lovers, Ecuador is a dream haven. Ecuador’s diverse cultural heritage and natural resources are a must-see. Your Spanish Translation, LLC understands Ecuador’s potentials and value globally, that is why we make sure our company’s presence in Ecuador is solid by streamlining our Spanish translation, Spanish interpreting services and workforce so we can excel in catering to anyone or any business.

Your Spanish Translation, LLC has offices worldwide, including the city of Quito, enabling us to provide you with a professional translator or interpreter anytime and in any part of Quito, and throughout Ecuador.

With the great amount of tourism and international business pursuits and opportunities in Ecuador, accurate translation of your documents ensures that you are reaching those individuals directly and professionally in a language they can relate to. A professional document translation, perfectly done, will not only attract residents of the area you want to insinuate yourself into, but also impacts visitors or people wanting to relocate.

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