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Havana – where cutting edge culture gave birth to mambo and salsa, has an electrifying and vivacious energy that mesmerizes.

Cuba’s capital, Havana faces the Straits of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico in the Caribbean. The city is the largest in Cuba in terms of area size, encompassing 726.75 square kilometers or 280.6 square miles. With a 2010 population of 2,135,498 residents, Havana is the most populous city in Cuba and the fourth largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean. Currently, the city has a population density of 7,610 people per square kilometer or 2,938.4 people living in each square mile. Havana is one of the 15 provinces that comprise Cuba, the largest island in the Antilles. While Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba on October 27, 1492, it was only between 1511 and 1515 that Diego Velásquez de Cuéllar led the colonization of Cuba and founding of Havana, which was then called San Cristóbal de la Habana.

Havana is the center of government of the country and is also the center of commerce and industry. It is likewise the center of culture and a top tourist destination, with tourism as its major source of income. Havana, with its 500-year history assimilated different cultures and developed high diversity, forming a culture that is unique, perfectly showcased by its people, its cuisine, language, music and the arts.

The city’s music and arts scene is very much alive. It has some of the best dance clubs and music venues in Cuba and you’d be able to hear almost every genre of music while in Havana, intricately mixed with the earthy and exotic flavors of Cuba. Some of the music types that you are likely to hear while in the city include salsa, ballads, rock, opera, hip-hop, jazz and Afro-Cuban rock. Dancing is also a favorite among Habaneros and Habaneras. After all, the city is the birthplace of salsa and the mambo, with lively, pulsating and feet-stomping beats.

Havana and the rest of Cuba were under Spanish domination for four centuries thereby Spanish is the official language of the city. However, Cuban Spanish could take some getting used to, since it is already laced with a lot of slang, mixed with the language of the Taíno natives and Afro-Cuban words. It is also to be noted that Habaneros usually speak quite fast that it makes it difficult for a newcomer to understand. Cuban Spanish is also not the same as the Spanish spoken in other Latin American countries. Therefore, if you want to try to converse with them in their own language, be sure to remember to ask them to speak slowly, by saying, “habla más despacio.”

If you are planning to go to Havana for a long stay or for business, accurate translation of documents will help put you in good stead. While the spoken language may be difficult to master, there are experts in the field of translation and interpretation that are ready to be of help when you need to have your documents translated.

Cuba is an island nation that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba in 1462 and it is the most populous nation in the Caribbean. With Cuba’s natural beauty and resources, as well as its strategic location, it is a coveted prize despite its arguable political stance. And as a former Spanish colony, the best part of the Cuban’s population speak Spanish, so learning Spanish, while not imperative, will help a great deal particularly for adventure seekers and tourists. Your Spanish Translation, LLC understands Cuba’s potentials and value globally, that is why we make sure our company’s presence in Cuba is solid by streamlining our Spanish translation, Spanish interpreting services and workforce so we can excel in catering to anyone or any business.

Your Spanish Translation, LLC has offices worldwide, including Havana, enabling us to provide you with a professional translator or interpreter anytime and in any part of Havana, and also throughout Cuba.

With the great amount of tourism and international business pursuits and opportunities in Cuba, accurate translation of your documents ensures that you are reaching those individuals directly and professionally in a language they can relate to. A professional document translation, perfectly done, will not only attract residents of the area you want to insinuate yourself into, but also impacts visitors or people wanting to relocate.

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