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Equatorial Guinea, the only independent Spanish-speaking African country

Equatorial Guinea, whose official name is the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is part of Middle or Central Africa. The country’s capital, the city of Malabo is located in the outlying island of Bioko. While the country is small at only 28,000 square kilometers or 11,000 square miles compared to other African nations, it is one of the richest per capita. The country’s GDP/PPP in 2010 was estimated to be around $24.146 billion, with a per capita of $34,824. It is unfortunate that the wealth distribution in the country is currently uneven, with a large portion of the population still living in poverty.

The country’s economy, which was previously reliant on its cocoa production and other industries, was given a major boost by the discovery of sizeable oil reserves in 1996. The new economic prosperity brought in migrant workers and expatriates to work in the growing petroleum industry of Equatorial Guinea.

Linguistically, the country is very diverse, although Spanish, due to the country being under Spain for 190 years, is the official language. English and German are taught in school as foreign languages, while there are a number of Portuguese and French speakers in Equatorial Guinea. The country’s ethnic population, which is composed of Fang, Bubi, Ndowe, Annobon and Bujeba also speak their own local languages, and retain and practice many of their customs and traditions. With this language diversity in the country, the services of a professional translation and interpretation company is frequently needed.

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