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Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city and the City of Eternal Spring where 96% of the residents speak Spanish

Medellín’s history is tied up to the history of Colombia, one of the countries close to the equator. The country displays a very unique climate condition and topography. It has central highlands with higher areas next to the Andes Mountains. Likewise it has lowland plains on its eastern side and flat lowlands along the coast. Colombia is the only South American country that has coastlines from the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Land access between South and Central America is controlled by Colombia. As an equatorial country it has no fixed seasons, although the climate is generally tropical. In the highlands the temperature could drop below zero degrees Celsius at times, while in some areas like the city of Medellín, the temperature is almost constantly around 19 °C or 66.2 °F.

Colombia is the 27th largest country in the world in terms of the number of inhabitants, being home to more than 46 million people. After Mexico, Colombia ranks second in having the largest Spanish-speaking population. Despite the many setbacks, the country still has the third largest economy in South America and the fourth largest in Latin America. Colombia is known worldwide for its cut flowers and coffee and is one of the leading sources of beautiful emeralds in the world. It also produces and exports oil, coal, gold, silver and various agricultural products. Festivals held in Medellín showcase the country’s unique culture and some of its biggest products for export, such as its orchids and other cut flowers as well as the country’s world-famous Colombian coffee.

Colombia’s rich cultural heritage is a product of the interaction between the Spanish colonizers, the slaves from Africa and the immigrants from the Middle East and other parts of Europe with the descendants of the various American Indian peoples, including the Tairona, Muisca and Quimbaya.

While there are ongoing internal conflicts within the country, Colombia is still on the road to good economic performance, showing great signs of recovery after the Great Depression that ensued when the Second World War ended. Colombia has exhibited one of the highest economic growth rates in the region, with the Colombian Stock Exchange climbing more than 7,000 points in 2008. Its GDP/PPP in 2011 was the third highest in South America, at US$471.964 billion, giving an adjusted per capita GDP of $10,249.

With the varied investment opportunities and large room for economic growth, Colombia is slowly attracting foreign investors and international corporations to have a presence in this country that is the gateway to South and Central America by land. Although predominantly a Spanish-speaking country, around 80 ethnic languages are spoken in the various districts of the Colombia. While English is taught in school, it is still very rare for travelers and tourists to hear this language spoken in the country. As such, it is best that you learn Spanish before going to Colombia and its various cities like Medellín or use the services of a professional translation and interpretation service provider to help you facilitate communication and have your documents translated.

Medellín is a beautiful city located in the center of Colombia, situated in the lower altitudes of the Andes Mountains in the valley of Aburrá. It is home to over 4 million people, with a great number of international companies.

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