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The descendants of the Mayan civilization prefer to be called Chapines

The Mayans may be a very ancient civilization, as they existed some 2,000 years prior to the coming of the Spanish in Guatemala. Yet the Mayan civilization was very advanced for their time. They had very extensive and structured trade practices. They were very skilled in painting and sculpture, as shown in their colorful and massive temples and building. Their mathematical system, which recognized and used the number zero, was highly developed. They likewise had a remarkable architectural style, insightful and progressive road design and an established calendar that had 365 days.

Indeed, the Guatemalans, or the Chapines are very lucky to have such ancestors, whose works were precursors of modern day utilities and fixtures. The genetic mix of Spanish and native Mayan produced the majority of the present-day inhabitants of Guatemala, called Ladinos or mestizos.

The 2011 population of the country of Guatemala is estimated to be more than 13.8 million people. Out of this total number of inhabitants, 59.4% is made up of Ladinos. Ethnic groups make up most of the rest of the population, with the K’iche making up 9.1%, followed by the Kaqchikel at 8.4%. The Mam ethnic group comes in close at 7.9% while the Q’eqchi makes up about 6.3% of the population. Other Mayan groups comprise 8.6% and the rest is composed of indigenous group that are non-Mayan, while other races comprise less than 0.1%.

In the Maya-Toltec language, the name of the country originated from the word meaning the land of the trees – Goathemala. For over three centuries, Guatemala was under the Spanish, which greatly affected its culture that became intermixed with Mayan culture and traditions. Spanish became the official language although there are still 24 Mayan languages that are spoken in the city, making a cacophony of languages that seemingly sound the same but are distinct from each other. It makes for a very linguistically diverse nation that would definitely require the services of an expert translation and interpretation group to translate documents to a common language that is understood by the majority from time to time.

While the developing country is still not at par with its neighboring countries in terms of economic development, the government is exerting all efforts to boost its economic performance to allay the reliance on the export of agricultural products. Its service and industry sectors are now making headway as major economic contributors, supported by mining and the traditional export industries. Revenues from tourism are increasing, helped by the signing of the peace accord in 1996. Free trade agreements with Colombia, Taiwan, the United States and other Central American nations are helping Guatemala to be an economically viable city for foreign investments.

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