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Managua, facing the prospect of constant change

Managua City to the unaccustomed eyes might look a bit disheveled around the ages. This is because the city is still being rehabilitated after the chaos brought by the last massive earthquake that hit the city two days before Christmas in 1972, affecting almost 90% of the city’s landscape.

Still, just like its hardy inhabitants, Managua remains resilient and slowly rebuilding, creating new locations for modern buildings and renovating some of the historical buildings that survived the earthquake.

The destruction of some of Managua’s historical sites is indeed a great loss for a city that has a very historical past, as it was established in 1819, first as a small fishing village at the entrance of Lake Xolotlán. Prior to the coming of the Spanish colonizers, the area was inhabited by Paleo-Indians about 6,000 years ago. They were a group of people that literally left their mark via the footprints that were forever etched on volcanic mud at Acahualinca near the shore of Lake Managua, also known as Lake Xolotlán.

The city with a population of 2.2 million in 2010 is 544 square kilometers or 210 square miles in size. With its elevated position of 50 meters above sea level, its tropical climate makes the city hot and humid, with temperatures averaging 28 °C to 32 °C or 82.4 °F to 89.6 °F. The months between May to December are the winter months, with December and January being the coolest months. Temperature soars from March to April, with the temperature reaching as high as 38 °C or 100.4 °F at times.

The old part of the city still has evidence of the destruction the city received during that fateful day in 1972, with some of the historical building left as is, still waiting to be reconstructed or renovated. However, some of the more hardy buildings have already been reconstructed, to showcase part of Managua’s glorious past. You could still see the Catedral de Santiago, the National Palace of Culture and the Rubén Dario National Theater. New works of art and new buildings were constructed and erected near the site of the old city but more of the new reconstructions are done in the city’s outskirts.

While the landscape of Managua is facing constant change, one thing that remains intact is its official language, Spanish, mixed with the vernacular, Caliche. Inhabitants call it Nicañol or Nicaraguan Spanish. Miskito and Sumo are native languages that are still spoken by the elderly in some of the remote villages, while some people in the city are conversant in English, French, German and Chinese. It is a good option for people who are planning to stay in Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, for a period of time for any reason to engage the services of a professional translation and interpretation service provider to accurately translate all types of documents, large and small at the shortest possible time.

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